Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

The facts of everyone’s life and world are different.  The facts of life in Dayton, Ohio are different from the facts of life in Miami, Florida.  Those differing facts shape differing world views, both valid and applicable to the places from which they came.  Somewhere in the middle is a reconciliation of the two views into a governmental philosophy that CAN and NEEDS to work for all Americans.  This blog is dedicated to, among other things, finding and elucidating that philosophy for myself and my readers.

The following beliefs and principles are meant to help guide myself in writing and my readers in reading this blog.  I will always try to hold myself accountable to these principles and welcome my readers to do the same for me, themselves, and others.

  • Finding COMMON GROUND is always more CONSTRUCTIVE than driving a wedge between people.
  • People must always follow their CONSCIENCE unless it is at the expense of the people.  There is nothing CONSCIENTIOUS about that.
  • All government employees, regardless of party, need to be held accountable and held subject to public scrutiny so that they may better serve us.  We can only hope to GET more from our public servants if we first EXPECT more from our public servants.
  • ACTS OF DEFIANCE that make us FEEL GOOD about ourselves are wonderful, unless making us feel good about ourselves is ALL that they’ve accomplished.  BRINGING US TOGETHER and improving the lives of others are our ultimate goals.
  • Our COMPASSION for others must be just as RELENTLESS as our pursuit to hold them accountable.  “…others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them back, and then you destroy yourself.”-Richard Nixon.  The guy knew what he was talking about.
  • “LOVING IS LISTENING.”-Hector and the Search for Happiness.  Like it or not, a government often reflects its people.  If we expect our government to listen to us and care for us like we want and deserve, we must first strive to LISTEN TO EACH OTHER.  Only then will we know how to LOVE EACH OTHER AS COUNTRYMEN AND WOMEN.  Let’s not wait for another national disaster to COME TOGETHER as a country.  LET’S DO IT NOW AND ALWAYS, and let us start by LISTENING TO ONE ANOTHER.  “Loving is listening.”

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