What does this blog do for you?

It’s not enough for us to simply have political convictions and ASSUME we are right about them.  We have to ask ourselves, “WHY AM I RIGHT?”  In the process of asking this question we may find that we are wrong and then we can ask, “WHY AM I WRONG?” and move on from there to a place of greater understanding. 

Even if, after thoroughly asking and explaining to ourselves why we are right, we find ourselves believing the same things we did at the beginning, the difference is that NOW WE KNOW EXACTLY WHY WE WERE RIGHT in the first place.  And since we could communicate and clarify this for ourselves, we can now do the same for others.  We can now EXPLAIN OUR BELIEFS, JUSTIFY THEM to others, and in the process we can better persuade others as to why we are right. 

This blog is for all of us to do that.  To help all of us ask the hard questions BEFORE we find ourselves in debate with others.  I once asked my mother, who was a nationally ranked debater in high school, how she always won every debate with my dad.  She said, “I ALWAYS MAKE SURE I’M RIGHT.”  Let’s all make sure of the same.